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G.S. Poseidon - Marittime Training Centre  




                  We are the only Hungarian Maritime Training Centre accepted by IMO.  

Since we are staying in the office in case of necessity only, you can reach us by phone occasionally, we recommend to send us e-mail with
any further questions regarding training courses to poseidon@eqnet.hu address and we reply with detailed written information .

1./  We have the courses according to STCW 78' as amended (1995/2010):
The courses and films shown are based on the IMO courses and the format of the certificates meet the requirements of the Manila Convention 2010!

-  Personal Survival Techniques                     (STCW'78, as amended Reg. A-VI/1-1) )      
-  Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting                 (STCW'78, as amended Reg. A-VI/1-2)          
-  Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (STCW'78, as amended Reg. A-VI/1-4)         
-  Crowd Management, Passanger Safety and Safety training for Personel Providing
   Direct Services to Passengers                   (STCW'78, as amended Reg. A-V/2/4-5)
-  Proficiency in Crisis Management and Human Behaviour  incl.Passenger Safety and
    Hull Integrity .....     (STCW'78, as amended Reg. V/2and STCW Code Sec.A-V-V/2     
Proficiency in Security Awareness              (STCW'78, as amended Reg. A-VI/6-1)                         
-  Elementary First Aid                                  (STCW'78, as amended Reg.A-VI/1-3)  

                                   Complete trainings price: 500 EUR, 
                               (this price is a reduced one for the whole block)

                                 !!!  Only one-one course price: 120 EUR  !!! 
During the three  long days' courses all subjects are taught mixed and can not be made separately - except Proficiency in Security Awareness,
 which is a new one -  because the schedule and syllabus of the courses are not separated.
In case one still needs  one segment only, the price is € 120 and a whole days' participation needed.  


  1./ Proficiency in Survival Craft  and Rescue Boats, theoretical course, conformity with STCW'78 as amended,Sec.A-VI/2-1  ( IMO Model Course 1.23, Price: 200 EUR+ one photo)
Designated Security Duties Course   with  STCW'78, as amended,A-VI/6-2,  ( IMO Model Course 3.26  Price: 150 EUR+one photo )
3./Ship Security Officer  (SSO)  with STCW'78, as amended ,  A- VI/5     (IMO Model Course   3.19, Price: 200 EUR+one photo)
Advanced Fire Fighting with  STCW'78 as amended, conformity with Part A.Chapter VI, Table A-VI/3 , (IMO Model Course 2.03, Price 200 EUR+ one photo)   
 Proficiency in Crisis Management and Human Behaviour .... (STCW'78, as amended Reg. V/2and STCW Code Sec.A-V-V/2, IMO M.C.1.29, Price:120 EUR+one photo)  
In case you need any other information do not hesitate to contact: g.s.poseidon@eqnet.hu

The Courses beg.(my office) Saturday morning  08.30.a.m. Over: Monday ewening, about 17.30 p.m.       

Normal Training length:   54 hours including distance education CD provided to agencies.
Updating Course lenght: 28 hours, but ONLY FOR THOSE PEOPLE who recived their previous certificates.

Our STCW' 78/95-2010 courses are held in English. Courses are held as per schedule only (see below).

 Due to lack of bilateral agreement between Hungarian and Serbian Authorities, the Serbian Authority does not issue Seaman's Book on base of our certificates.

During embarkation individuals who have received an updating/refreshing certificate may be required to present the expired certificates! Failure to do so results in being sent home!   
Though our certificates issued to professional seamen and hotel personnel of Passenger ships are accepted worldwide, recently we experienced some difficulties
from Apollo Group Company so we recommend to get the necessary certificates from another training centre in case one intend to contract Thompson, Oceania, and  Island vessels.

We provide written materials for the students and we have IMO approved videos/CDs.
Certificates and receipts/invoices are issued at the end of the course after completion of the test and upon full payment. In case of loss of the above documents personal presence necessary
to reissue and give copies of the said documents. (photos, signatures etc needed)

he course/updating course comprises:

You can apply for the  Crowd Management, Crisis Management,  Basic Fire Fighting, Personal Survival, Pers. Saf. and Soc. Resp., Proficiency in Security Awareness  training courses
either using the foll. e-mail address
poseidon@eqnet.hu, or simply filling up the Application Form.   

Students must bring  7 passport size photos, max. (35x45 mm) and cash with them for the training.

First day in the morning at the registration  you need to (cash) pay the fee and give us the photos. Without the photos you can not start the training.

The updating/ trainings takes three full days to complete , We accept cash payment only.

a./ POSEIDON training Centre : (My Training Centre price : 400 EUR+ 6 photos, plus we provide extensive written documentation for later use.  A multiple choice test must be written
after the course.

b/ SHIPPING MARITIME MEDICAL TRAINING CENTER (from Slovakia) This is a namely a separate course, accredited by the Slovak and Hungarian  Shipping  Authority 
with a separate Certificate: Elementary First Aid, IMO MC. 1.13, STCW' 78 as amended Part A,Chapter VI,Table VI-VI/1-3
, Registration fees : 100 EUR/ person,+1 photos, 

The POSEIDON Application Form contains the following data:
(please fill it up exactly as indicated in the passport)

Date of course: ...
Family name: ....
Given name: ...
Place of Birth: ....
Date of Birth: ...
Male/Female ......

Former Certificate Yes or No: …
Experience: Yes or No…
Phone number :….

Trainings begin:    SATURDAY (08.00 a.m. - 17.00 p.m.)  SUNDAY (08.30 a.m. - 19.30 p.m.) MONDAY (08.30 a.m. - 17.00 p.m.)  

                   05-06-07     May.   2018                    
            09-10-11    June    2018  
            14-15-16    July.     2018 
                   11-12-13      Aug   2018  
               08-09-10    Sept.   2018
               06-07-08     Okt.   2018
               03-04-05     Nov.   2018
               01-02-03     Dec.   2018

Upon embarking, the certificates must be presented and sometimes are kept in the Master’s/Chief mate’s safe. It’s most important to carry your certificates
in your hand-bag when travelling, and during disembarking procedure always must be returned to your possession because reissuance of lost certificates
 possible only knowing the date/number of your certificate and personal presence necessary (photos, signature, price)  
(Reissued: My office: 10 EUR/cert,  Elementary First Aid cert.: 20 Eur. (   two weeks, - from Slovakian doctor, -  MU.Dr. L'ubos HRIN  )

The participants should arrange accomodation by themselves. Some contacts please see here below:

Hostel : BUDAPEST CENTER  (200 meter from the  office)
Hungary, Budapest, Semmelweis str. 2, I.st..floor
e-mail: info@hostelbudapestcenter.com
www.Hostel Budapest Center
Tel: + 36 1 7813364
Hostel price: 12-14 EUR/person/night

Hostel: CAPTAIN BUDAPEST Hostel  (250 meter from the office)
1061.Budapest, Bajcsy Zsilinszky u. 3 

 Hostel rooms: 2-4-10-12 persons/room, price: 12-16 EUR/ persons/night
http:  www.captain-budapest.com

Hostel: RED FOX HOSTEL ( 100 meter from the office)
1075. HUNGARY, Budapest.
street: Rumbach Sebestyén utca 6
www.Red Fox Party Hostel Budapest
Phon: + (36) 1 7998325
Hostel price: 15-20 EUR/ person/night   

 Hostel/Hotel:BUDAPEST PANORAMA CENTRAL (30 meter from the office)
1052.HUNGARY, Budapest, Karoly korut 10 3rd. fl.
Phon: + (36) 1 3280870
Fax: + (36) 1 7004606
e-mail: book@budapestpanorama.net
price: 10-22 EUR/ person/night

Hotel : (opposite my office): Budapest Karoly Central
Hungary, Budapest, Karoly krt.3/a 1st.floor
e-mail:   bookkaroly@budapestcitycentral.comszallas@szallas.hu
www. karoly city central budapest

Appart./Hostel: Dowtown Oasis (50 meter from the office)
HUNGARY, Budapest , 1052. Károly krt.24
Phon: (36) 06 70 6661582  e-mail: information@downtownoasis.net
Price: 15-18 EUR/ person/night

My Office address:

                           street: Károly körút 18, II/1
                           1052 - HUNGARY
                           Doorbell: No. 11
                           Phone: (+36-1) 317-5250, 
                           Fax: (+36-1) 266-7522

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